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After using dried flowers, colorful silk and feathers inside the acetate, CCS has experienced the alchemy of precious metals, creating new frames embellished by golden leaves.


This is the news of 2021 collection, which proposes for some colors of different models, a precious 24K yellow or white gold foil insert.


A long period of research and experimentation has been necessary to achieve the expected result, as a simple lamination was not enough, the wish was to create a tridimensional insert where the light golden leaves were drowned inside the acetate, whose color density has been achieved through a skillful work of balance.


The result has been really surprising, the acetates, produced in exclusive for the brand, create a real 3D effect and give unique brightness to the fronts, which catch the attention without excess, putting in evidence with elegance the new colors palette.


The introduction of these new inserts, which match the ones already peculiar of CCS without substituting them, have allowed the use of new colors for spring/summer collection. From violet to purple red, from emerald green to blood red: all the new colors are conceived to put in evidence the yellow and white gold leaves, which together with the new shades create a marble effect which gives depth to the acetate.


So, CCS reinvents itself, with a new tribute to nature and to its elements which have ever since inspired this brand collections. From today, new precious leaves give the frames a unique effect, which cannot go unnoticed, giving light to the look of women who are wearing these jewels. 


SKU with gold inserts:
CCS138.01-02 (april)
CCS141.03 (april)