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East and West meet to create an innovative collection, full of details. Colors and shapes which talk about far and mysterious countries are turned into frames completely hand made with precious and exclusive materials: silk, feathers, dried flowers and semi-precious stones . Die cast metal inserts complete the frames, made using goldsmith techniques to create authentic jewels, which tell thousand-years old stories through symbols and good luck charms. The skilled use of geometry makes this new collection extremely modern, characterized by opulence and clean design.


For this season Coco Song will keep offering models paired in couples with the same decorative concept, and the front in metal or acetate version. All the styles are created according to the iconic brand codes, giving life to inimitable frames which, for 2021 collection, dare to explore completely new and extremely refined shapes.


Hope Village is a model born to be an icon, its sharp acetate front with pure silk and feathers inserts cannot go unnoticed. Connections and stability are summoned in this talisman, by the die cast tangled ropes which wrap with concentric squares the small semi-precious stones mounted in the temples.



Long Experience is a model with sweet and sensual shape, visible on wide front with thin profile and smooth temples. Front and temples are enriched by silk and feathers inserts, playing both with discreet color combinations such as black/petrol and stronger ones such as red/fuchsia/orange.

Model Good Feeling represents the maximum expression of attention to details. Acetate front is perfectly balanced in the selection of shape and volume, which emphasize the bright shades of inserted silk and colorful feathers; the temples, in contrasting color, are characterized by a precious jewel, which starts from the hinge with a semi-precious stone and finishes with a drilled décor inspired by the scales of mythological creatures.


Model Space Tour is characterized by inserted dried flowers and by wide front, whose thin profile becomes thicker next to the lugs, recalling a classic style revisited in a contemporary way.