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During the 2016 Fashion Week in Milan some pure vintage items gained lots of success. Some classical clothing articles and accessories, symbols of some other time periods, were presented on the catwalks combined with items of the newest collections.


A wonderful dive into ’20s and ‘80s to show the life stile of an age that still have an impact on the new generations.


So there is the revival of some important clothing articles and accessories that gained uniqueness and irreproducibility during the time influencing the contemporary lifestyles.


In this occasion, we cannot forget to mention the revival of the frames in Havana which resemble the typical turtle shell pattern. It is a multi-color pattern in brown, black and sometimes orange which reproduces the same motif of real turtle shells.


The first accessories realized with turtle shells date back to Chinese and Japanese decorative paintings, as a matter of fact some shells were painted and used as bowls. The Greeks and Romans used it to realize jewels or ornaments for the hairs. From ‘70’s on, for ethical and environmental reasons, the use of real turtle shells was banned and the same pattern was reproduced with acetate, obtaining good results.


The tortoise pattern has come back strongly into fashion and it can be asserted that “it’s the new black


Havana frames are milder because their classical colors are complementary to the complexion of each of us. They are commonly used from women but very few people know that they can be used also from men.


Area98’s collections offer a wide range of choose: the classical colors covering the entire frame, glasses with part of them in Havana, classical pattern revisited in modern key with black and white or multicolor which satisfy also men’s need with unisex frames.


Here there is a preview of La Matta, Robert Rüdger, genesis Easy and Kaos collections by Area98.


Do not miss the opportunity to wear a unique fashion vintage item.