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Coco Song eyewear presents the new partnership, with the role of official sponsor for 2021 season of Mayflower Sailing team, in occasion of  “duecento di Caorle”, which will take place (has taken place) during the weekend of April 30th – May 2nd,  2021.


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The cooperation with Sistiana team will be shown by Coco Song brand printed on the Gennaker and on the Mainsail of Solaris 36 OD, as well as on the crew t-shirts, for all the 12 and more scheduled regatta.

Elisio Tessaro, art director of Coco Song brand, has declared: “We are enthusiastic for this partnership with Mayflower for 2021 season. Passion, dedication, teamwork are values we share, which made Italy an excellence well known all over the world, both for fashion and in the sailing field; Coco Song and Mayflower are examples for these values in the pertinent branch”.


The ship owner and skipper, Mr Riccardo Zuccolo, transmits positive energy, too: “We look forward to spreading the sails and officially start this cooperation, which has an agenda full of challenges such as Bernetti trophy and of spectacular appointments such as Barcolana”.


Mayflower Sailing Team is a sports association founded in April 2019, with a strongly agonistic DNA, which in one year and a half has already gained several brilliant results and sportive rewards. They have been associated since 2020 with the oldest Italian sailing club, Società Nautica Pietas Julia, Sistiana (TS).