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From the catwalk to eyewear: how to wear trends

Fashion 2021: here are the Area98 frames of the moment


Animalier pattern
The animalier pattern is always in trend, but for this year no more tiger or leopard print: the new dictact is the zebra pattern, in black and white and colored. La Matta, with her animal instinct, always proposes eyewear inspired by the wild with a tasteful pop of detail.
See the La Mattta LM3301 model



Pastel colors
This year you will not go wrong in choosing pastel colors and Oliviero Contini Eyewear proposes pastel purple, green and blue frames in different shapes, for an elegant touch that will not bore.
See the Oliviero Contini model - OV4343



Flower pattern
As much as we want to be outside, we want to wear nature: the glasses most inspired by nature are Coco Song's frames, of course. This model features dried flowers and silk inserts, all nspired by nature’s colors.
See the Coco Song - Space tour model



Yellow and grey
Pantone 2021 colors - illuminating yellow and definitive gray – must be worn this year. If that's not enough, pair the two colors with splashes of color like the Jackson Pollock-inspired Genesis Art 2021 collection.
See the Genesis Art model - GV1563



Fluo Colors
Don't you want to go unnoticed? Wearing some fluorescent details is the right solution: the Kaos brand likes to offer frames with elements that make a mess and are never forgotten. You will surely find something in the Kaos collection to amaze and revive your look.
See the Kaos model - KK503