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Cooking with Martina and Moritz!


They are the chef couple most followed on TV.

For 30 years they have been sharing the passion for good cuisine which encouraged them to start a culinary TV-programm together: Kochen mit Martina & Moritz broadcasted on the German channel WDR.


They are Martina Meuth and Bernd Moritz, food and wine journalists and authors of nearly 70 receipe books with the best receipts from parts of the world far from us but already known in Germany, such as typical plates from Viennese Baisl, Parisian bistrots, Roman trattorie and also plates from Turkey and East Europe.


The secret of their cuisine is to propose ingredients of high quality and to prepare plates easy to make at home without difficulties.


Their book “Fernweh-Küche: Eine kulinarische Reise um die Welt” is a travel through the best culinary traditions which let foretaste flavours not so typical for us and raises appetite in customers and their wish to start cooking.


Fascinated from good food, they are an enterprising and inventive couple not only in cooking!                              

Actually, it’s since a long time, that during their TV-programm Martina Meuth wears a fancy and original model from the collection La Matta belonging to the Italian company Area98 showing even more her original culinary creativity.





Do not miss the next episode of Kochen mit Martina & Moritz on 14 January at 5:45 p.m. on WDR channel and get curious of these two special personalities and their succulent plates. Are you getting interested in La Matta collection? Take a look at the internet site of Area98: www.area98.it